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Best Small Juicers For Compact Kitchens Featured

7 Best Small Juicers For Compact Kitchens – Reviews 2022

Today, I am here to help you save up some space by presenting the best small juicers for compact kitchens. However, you can check this guide even if you don’t have a narrow kitchen (f.g. if you are just starting out with juicing).

Honestly, bulky appliances are not attractive at all either way. Down below, you can educate yourself on the most important factors to look for in a juicer and find some great models that could be a good fit on your countertop.

Advantages and Drawbacks Of Small Juicers

Best Small Juicers For Compact KitchensObviously, you need a machine that can provide you with delicious juice without taking up the whole countertop. Yet, did you ever think small juicers have their pros and cons? Not only I thought about this topic but I also have some hands-on experience to share.

1. Advantages of Small Juicers

1.1 Space-Saving

First and foremost, a small juicer won’t take away the precious space you need for other appliances in your kitchen. If you are not particularly passionate about juicing but still want to incorporate some healthy habits, you will use a small appliance that can take you there. Then, you can start thinking about the bigger ones as you upgrade.

1.2 Portability

Most of us make juices from the comfort of our homes. I am a traveler who doesn’t want to give up drinking healthy juices in the morning. If you are like me or travel often for business, a small juicer will fit into your luggage easily.

1.3 No Waste

When you have a small juicer, you can juice the optimal amount of juice for yourself. Small juicers can take on fewer ingredients. This way, you will get the exact amount of juice for yourself without having to spill any of it. Note that you should drink no more than half a cup of kale or ginger juicer, among others. I wrote about the best juicers for ginger, just in case you want to complete your juicing arsenal.

2. Disadvantages of Small Juicers

2.1 Small Quantities

If consuming juice is your morning habit, you won’t need more than a cup of juice. However, what if you have friends over for a Sunday lunch? What if they want to have a glass of fresh juice as well?

Small juicers produce small juice quantities. If you have a small manual or masticating juicer, it may take more than 30 minutes to make 2 to 3 glasses of juice. This is why you should take into account whether you would need a juicer to make juice for yourself only or for your family members and friends as well.

2.2 Overheating

This, again, has a lot to do with the quantity of juice you need. Although manual juicers don’t overheat, masticating and centrifugal models that have no overheating protection tend to generate heat. When a small juicer is used continuously, it can damage the motor and shorten its lifespan.

Who Should Have Small Juicers?

If you are not still completely sure whether you need a small juicer, I can share my point of view.

1. People Who Live Alone

A couple of years ago, when I was still living alone, my juicing needs were quite modest. I barely had anyone over as I spent most of my days working or traveling so there was no need for a bigger juicer. If this is you, a small juicer would meet your juicing needs.

2. Juicing Newcomers

The whole hype about juicing doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. If you want to try out this trend, you don’t need a large juicer at the beginning. Find a compact model that takes very little time and effort to use and clean. Eventually, you will become more familiar with juicing and how juicers work. Only then, you can upgrade to a bulkier model.

3. People With Small Kitchens

Probably the biggest reason why you are here with me today is that you have a small kitchen. It’s no brainer you need compact, easy to move appliances to work with. Just because you have a compact kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a juicer. I’ll show you how!

Which Small Juicer for Compact Kitchen is Better? Manual or Electric?

Which Small Juicer for Compact Kitchen is Better Manual or ElectricWhen looking for a small juicer for your compact kitchen, you should learn about the main types of juicers. I’ve tried 3 types of regular and small juicers so I can give you a better understanding of each.

1. Manual/Hand Crank Juicers

Somehow, manual juicers drive the least attention out of the 3 types of juicers. Although underrated, I can assure you of their performance. If you know how to pick the right model, you will be able to find an amazing manual juicer.

Manual juicers make the best choice for people who like juices made of leafy greens and soft veggies and fruits. I am not saying some of these models won’t work with celery, apples, or ginger. It’s just, you can’t find many of them. I did, and here you can find the best juicer for celery.

Also, most manual juicers don’t take up much space in your kitchen. You can store your juicer under the countertop easily when not using it.

You should invest some effort into making a juice with a manual juicer. Me personally, I don’t mind operating the handle once in a while. You see, I wouldn’t pick a manual juicer for continuous use. Yet, if you don’t have the need for loads of juice, a manual juicer would do!

When it comes to yield, some models, like stainless steel and other heavy-duty manual juicers can give you a good yield (maybe not as high as with electric juicers but still a decent one). As a cherry to the top, manual juicers are budget-friendly.

2. Electric Juicers

It’s always good to have a choice, right? When it comes to electric juicers, you have 2 types to choose from. If you need a juicer to make juice of the best quality, go for a masticating juicer. Centrifugal machines make a better choice for commercial use as they operate at higher speeds. Most of them are bulky but I’ve managed to find a couple of compact models.

2.1 Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers or cold press juicers (some people named it slow juicers) produce juice of the best quality. This model comes with a rotating auger that squeezes out the juice in a very efficient manner, without involving too much heat.

When the auger is rotating at below 100 rounds per minute (although typically below 80 RPM), you get a concentrated juice packed with all the nutrients you need. It takes a bit longer to extract juice with a masticating juicer but the taste and nutritional value of the juice you get are incomparable to the juice made with centrifugal juicers.

With no oxidation, foam, or pulp, you can enjoy the juice to the fullest. At first, the cleaning process of my masticating juicer made me annoyed. Now, I don’t mind it at all, because I managed to find an easy-to-clean masticating juicer.

These models are a bit pricey but still, caring for your health is priceless. You can find vertical and horizontal masticating juicers. Vertical models make a great option for compact kitchens.

2.2 Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are turbomachines. If you want your juice ready in the blink of an eye, check out this model. An average centrifugal juicer is bulky, comes with a powerful motor, and produces some noise.

Yet, these juicers make the best choice for people who have a constant need for the juice. Do you own a small juice bar? Then you may benefit from a centrifugal juicer. I made sure to present a few models in this category that don’t take up much space but still provide premium performance.

The quality of yield you get with a centrifugal juicer is not as high as with masticating juicers but it is still decent. Centrifugal juicers are easier to clean, assemble and disassemble, and more affordable than cold press juicers. Despite the fact centrifugal juicers tend to take up more space in the kitchen, I have seen some compact models in this category.

Best Small Juicers Comparison Chart

Cuisinart CJE-500 - Best Compact Juicer

Cuisinart CJE-500 – Best Compact Juicer

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.6
  • Weight: 9.48 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.75 x 14.25 inches
  • Type: Semi-centrifugal, semi-manual
View On Amazon
Hurom HP - Best Small Masticating Juicer

Hurom HP – Best Small Masticating Juicer

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 3.7
  • Weight: 16.32 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Type: Masticating
View On Amazon
Kuvings B6000S - Most Efficient Compact Juicer

Kuvings B6000S – Most Efficient Compact Juicer

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Weight: 14.11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8.2 x 17.6 inches
  • Type: Masticating
View On Amazon
Omega Low Speed - Best Vertical Small Juicer

Omega Low Speed – Best Vertical Small Juicer

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.65 x 13.15 x 11.89 inches
  • Type: Masticating
View On Amazon
Aobosi Portable - Best Portable Juicer

Aobosi Portable – Best Portable Juicer

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Weight: 10.43 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 14.3 x 7.5 inches
  • Type: Masticating
View On Amazon
Tribest Slowstar - Best US Made Small Juicer

Tribest Slowstar – Best US Made Small Juicer

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Type: Masticating
View On Amazon
Cuisinart CCJ-500 - Most Affordable Small Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500 – Most Affordable Small Juicer

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 7.88 x 12.25 inches
  • Type: Centrifugal
View On Amazon

Best Small Juicer Reviews

  • Cuisinart CJE-500 – Best Compact Juicer
  • Hurom HP – Best Small Masticating Juicer
  • Kuvings B6000S – Most Efficient Compact Juicer
  • Omega Low Speed – Best Vertical Small Juicer
  • Aobosi Portable – Best Portable Juicer
  • Tribest Slowstar – Best US Made Small Juicer
  • Cuisinart CCJ-500 – Most Affordable Small Juicer

1. Cuisinart CJE-500 – Best Compact Juicer

Cuisinart CJE-500 - Best Compact JuicerFirst-time juicers, this one’s for you! If you want to establish a habit of drinking fresh juice, you need a simple-to-use and compact blender. The Cuisinart CJE-500 is a juicer ideal for soft veggies and fruits but it works with root veggies such as celery and several hard textured ingredients as well.

Although it wouldn’t withstand heavy, everyday use, this juicer can give you a clear idea of juicing and prepare you for more sophisticated models.

It comes at an affordable price and a 3-year limited warranty. Note that this is a half-manual, half-centrifugal model.

Key Features

16-ounces Juice Pitcher – Put this juicer into operation while you do other chores around the house. It will stop automatically once it extracts the juice and stores it until you feel like consuming it. On the other hand, a 16-ounce pitcher capacity is quite awesome for a small juicer and makes it possible to make several juices at once.

40-ounce Pulp Container – It’s always good to have a large pulp container. Again, this capacity is huge when we take into account the size of the juicer. Smooth, pulp-free juice is the yummiest one.

Adjustable Flow Spout – No one likes a messy kitchen. This model comes with an adjustable flow spout that prevents drips around the model and reduces cleaning time.

What I Like

  • High yield,
  • The large feed chute,
  • Mesh filter basket.

What I Dislike

  • This electric model comes with a pusher so you would have to guide fruits with it,
  • It is noisy.

2. Hurom HP – Best Small Masticating Juicer

Hurom HP - Best Small Masticating JuicerJust because you have a compact kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a small, fashionable juicer. The Hurom HP is the king of trendy design. This vertical juicer can easily fit on your countertop but its design isn’t its only advantage.

If you want a sophisticated, masticating juicer, stay around. The Hurom HP operates at 43 RPM, which means it doesn’t add heat. No heat means all the goodies stay in your juice.

Another great thing about this model is that it is quite versatile. You can use it to make juices, almond milk, and baby food. Masticating juicers come with augers instead of sharp blades that crush the ingredients and ensure the best juice quality.

Overall, the Hurom HP might be worth your attention if you are serious about juicing.

Key Features

High Yield – Masticating juicers are famous for high, top-notch yield and this model is no different. It squeezes out maximum content from whatever ingredient you put in it.

Large Capacity – Although compact, the Hurom HP vertical juicer has a serious, 350ml capacity. This means it is suitable for continuous, heavy use and preparing multiple juices in a row.

Safety Sensors – Hurom is very thoughtful when it comes to their users’ safety. They integrated safety sensors to this model so you can’t run the unit before everything is set in place.

What I Like

  • BPA-free heavy-duty strainer,
  • Fans prevent overheating,
  • Most masticating juicers are a bit tricky to clean but this one is an exception.

What I Dislike

  • The feed chute is a bit narrow, which means you should pre-cute bulkier ingredients before processing them.

3. Kuvings B6000S – Most Efficient Compact Juicer

Kuvings B6000S - Most Efficient Compact JuicerHere comes another superb masticating vertical juicer. The Kuvings B600S is a professional juicer designed for people who are passionate about juicing.

It operates at low speed, which ensures the highest nutritional value of the juice. With almost no heat involved, the auger crushed ingredients and extracts more than 90% of the juice. You can use it for making baby food and milk as well.

As a cherry to the top, the Kuvings B600S is backed up by a 10-year warranty.

Key Features

3-inch Extra Wide Chute – When you have a juicer with a wider chute, you can use it to juice most vegetables and fruits without pre-cutting them. This simplifies the process but also saves up your time.

Large Pulp Outlet – Most people like their juice smooth, with no pulp on the bottom. The Kuvings B600S eliminates pulp from the juice and prevents it from clogging the mechanism.

Drip-Free Smart Cap – With a juicer than leaves no drips around the countertop, you can reduce the cleaning time. This is one of the features high-end models boast.

What I Like

  • Powerful yet quiet motor,
  • Comes with a cleaning tool,
  • BPA-free components.

What I Dislike

  • One of the most expensive models on the market.

4. Omega Low Speed – Best Vertical Small Juicer

Omega Low Speed - Best Vertical Small JuicerYou wouldn’t believe the amount of juice you can get with this masticating juicer by Omega. Not only it boasts a super high yield but it has a very compact, vertical design as well.

Masticating juicers are slow but still, you can find great models, like this one, that are not as slow as you would expect. The Omega juicer operates at 80 RPM, which is an above-average speed of a masticating juicer. Yet, you can rest assured of the taste, nutritional value, and color of your juice will remain at a high level.

This juicer is one of the most economical models on the market. Although it comes at a higher price point, it can last you for a lifetime. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Key Features

Dual Stage Juicing – Not only this juicer extracts high yield by crushing the vegetable or fruit but it increases the yield by squeezing the pulp before ejecting it.

Reverse Function – Some ingredients, such as leafy greens, can make your juicer clog. Yet, models like this one boast a reverse function that prevents buildup and blockages. This also extends the life of the appliance.

Comes With 2 Spouts And 2 Containers – This makes the juicing process more straightforward. You can control the amount of juice but also the amount of pulp (in case you like some texture in your glasses).

What I Like

  • You can pour water inside the mechanism to flush it before changing ingredients,
  • Quiet motor,
  • Produces juice with very little foam and froth.

What I Dislike

  • Expensive.

5. Aobosi Portable – Best Portable Juicer

Aobosi Portable - Best Portable JuicerThe Aobosi portable juicer is one of the most affordable models but don’t let its price misguide you. It still features great quality and superb performance.

As it operates at 45-60 RPM, you can rest assured this masticating juicer won’t destroy any of the healthy components in your juice. This model provides high yield and nutritional value of the juice that contains very little pulp.

Not only this vertical juicer is space-saving but you can take it with you wherever you go. Lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly, the Aobosi juicer stands shoulder to shoulder with way pricier models on the market.

Key Features

Reverse Function – Juicing root vegetables and healthy greens is a bit tricky unless your juicer has a reverse function. The Aobosi juice prevents jamming and reduces the pressure on the motor, which extends the life of the appliance.

Low Speed – Operating at low speed, this juicer takes some time to process your ingredients. Yet, what you get is oxidation-free, foam, and pulp-free juice packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Waterproof Switch Cover – You can clean this juicer under running water! Can you believe it? This waterproof switch cover actually ensures the water doesn’t damage any of the parts, contributes to your safety, and makes the cleanup faster.

What I Like

  • Unique handle design,
  • U-shape pulp outlet,
  • Most parts are dishwasher-safe.

What I Dislike

  • It leaks a bit.

6. Tribest Slowstar – Best US Made Small Juicer

Tribest Slowstar - Best US Made Small JuicerThe Tribest Slowstart is a masticating juicer and mincer in one. That means it can process soft and hard veggies and fruits, leafy greens, but also help you make butter, sorbet, pesto, and other culinary goodies.

It operates at 47 RPM and protects the nutritional value of your ingredients and process very little noise. You can prepare your juice any time of the day knowing the noise won’t wake up the whole neighborhood.

It takes no effort to make fresh juices with this model. The relatively wide chute makes it easy to insert most of the ingredients without having to pre-cut them. This high-end juicer boasts a high, quality yield, versatility, and long lifespan, which all makes it a potentially good buy.

Key Features

Double-Edged Auger – This feature makes the extraction faster and increases the yield. Masticating juicers typically come with one-edged auger while this one comes with a double-edged auger, which increases its efficiency.

3-Stage Reduction Gears – This is another feature that sets the Tribest Slowstar apart from the rest. It prevents jamming, especially when you are juicing leafy greens, and provides smooth operation.

Juice Cap – Thanks to this juice cap, you can have greater control over the juicing process. This way, you can prevent spillage, switch between containers, and mix ingredients.

What I Like

  • Creates 2 times more torque power than most masticating juicers on the market,
  • Comes with a mincing attachment,
  • 100% BPA-free.

What I Dislike

  • Somehow, the pulp gets easily into the juice.

7. Cuisinart CCJ-500 – Most Affordable Small Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500 - Most Affordable Small JuicerAre you tight on the budget or just wouldn’t want to invest a lot in your first juicer? The Cuisinart CCJ-500 is a compact juicer that comes at a low price but still provides decent performance.

You can use it to make orange juice, for lemons, limes, peaches, and pears. It features a stainless steel design that makes it look durable but a bit cold. Yet, its operation overweighs the design.

This centrifugal juicer can extract juice in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t cause a mess in your kitchen, takes very little effort to clean, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Key Features

3 Pulp Control Settings – Most juicing enthusiasts don’t like pulpy juices. Yet, it means some people don’t mind some texture in their glasses. That’s why the CCJ-500 might be a good choice if you fall into the second category. You can choose whether you want no, some, or loads of pulp in your juice.

Final-Spin – This feature is in charge of providing the highest yield possible. Cuisinart nailed the extraction process with this juicer as you can really produce crazy amounts of juice from a single vegetable/fruit.

Auto-Reversing – What can you do when your juicer starts jamming? Nothing. The Cuisinart CCJ-500 recognizes the clog and solves it automatically.

What I Like

  • Accommodates glasses of all heights,
  • There’s no dripping,
  • Dishwasher-safe.

What I Dislike

  • Works best with citruses and soft vegetables and fruits but not with leafy greens and root vegetables.

Small Juicers for Compact Kitchens Buying Guide

Small Juicers for Compact Kitchens Buying GuideI have seen numerous small juicers in action. This helped me see through the drawbacks and advantages of these appliances. If you don’t know what to look for in a small juicer, these are the features that matter the most.

1. Size

Obviously, when you are looking for a small juicer, you need a compact one. Small juicers come in two forms – vertical and horizontal models. If you are really tight on space, I would advise a vertical model as it fits better on the countertop. A horizontal juicer could be a good option if you just don’t want to take up the precious space in your kitchen.

2. Weight

If you have a small kitchen, you need a small but also a lightweight juicer. Why? Because you can move it around when needed.

Some people don’t want to make juice every day. Is this you? Then find a lightweight model you can store in a drawer or disassemble until the next use.

3. Cleaning

It would be a bit absurd to spend ages cleaning a small juicer, right? You need a compact juicer that takes very little effort to clean. Manual juicers are relatively easy to clean and quite compact. Centrifugal juicers typically need more time to clean while centrifugal models stand in the middle. However, the type of ingredients you want to juice matters here as well.

4. Speed

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in your compact kitchen, you need a juicer that operates quickly. Centrifugal juicers are the fastest but the heat these models generate spoil the nutrients found in the juice. Masticating models are slower but it shouldn’t take that much time to juice any ingredient. With manual juicers, you have control over the speed, which can be a pro.

5. Purpose

Some juicers are suitable for juicing any type of ingredient – vegetables, fruits, even coffee, herbs, and nuts. If you want to drink kale, spinach, or wheatgrass juice only, look for a juicer made for juicing leafy greens only.

Manual juicers have a unique design that makes them a bit more suitable for juicing soft ingredients and leafy greens. On top of that, they are very compact. Yet, if you want to make combination juices, you’ll need a more universal type of juicer – masticating or centrifugal model.

Wrap Up

Not all of the models on the market are the best small juicers for compact kitchens, but I tried to list a few. Do you have a clearer idea now of the appliance that could meet your juicing needs without taking up much space?

The Kuvings B6000S is, no doubt, a juicer that can meet both first-time and enthusiasts’ needs. This high-end model makes juicing fun and easy. Yet, if you want to start with a more affordable model, the Cuisinart CJE-500 could be a perfect alternative that still offers top-notch performance.

Bonus comparison: Kuvings vs Hurom

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