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Is Cold Pressed Juice Good For You Featured

Is Cold Pressed Juice Good For You?

Whether you are making your own, or you are buying it in your local coffee shop, cold-pressed juice is a healthy snack. I mean, what is there not to love – you get to choose the fruits and veggies you like and make a super potion to help you get all those high-quality nutrients. But, the benefits of drinking cold-pressed juices are not as they seem. Some think they are the key to a fit and healthy life, and some see cold-pressed juices as a way to supplement their everyday diet.

Let’s dive in and see what cold-pressed juices have to offer.

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

The Benefits of Cold Pressed JuicesThe name kind of says it all – cold pressing (aka masticating) is a method of extracting liquid and nutrients from plants. Now, cold pressing comes with its merits – for example, this type of juice retains the original flavors and makes the whole experience more intense than drinking a fruit soda. Cold pressing also means that there is no heat applied to the juice, keeping the phytonutrients as intact as possible.

1. How to make cold-pressed juice?

If you are not from the middle ages, you will need a reliable juicer (a masticator) to get all the goodies out of those juicy, juicy oranges. While every masticator works essentially the same, if there is a juice ingredient you use often, you should aim for a model that works best for you. For example, people that are into fitness use celery a lot, so they get a juicer for celery to get the most out of it.

Once you have your tool, the rest is on you. Make the ingredient mix and start pressing. I mean, the juicer will do the cold pressing, but you will be the one feeding it fresh ingredients. A huge auger uses the electromotor to push through the ingredients and squeeze everything there is. The products are separated into two groups – the juice and the pulp. After you are done with it, remove the pulp for the juicer, and start drinking.

2. Things to Avoid

Right away, I think it’s important to set the ground rules – cold press juices are good for you, generally speaking. But, like every good thing, the wrong timing or too much of the juice can be harmful. So, while they can complement your diet or a harsh training program, cold press juices are not a replacement for meals. That’s right, though nutritious, cold press juices cannot substitute real food. So, what kind of good things can you expect if you start cold pressing your morning glass of juice?

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices

Let’s get this out of the way – the benefits of drinking freshly cold-pressed juice stretch out to the individual level. This means that you can benefit greatly from juice supplements, or that it can just help you poop better. In some cases, inserting cold-pressed juices into your diet may as well do next to nothing. But there are some clear benefits to cold press juicing that cannot be avoided.

1. Plant-to-Juice Ratio

If you opt for a masticator, you get to utilize everything a fruit or a veggie has to offer. In comparison to other (mainly centrifugal) juicers, masticators tend to win in the long run. This leads to other possibilities, especially if we are talking about mushy green veggies. So, right away, by cold pressing your juices, you get more juice for the same amount of plants.

2. Nutrient intake

In a section above, I mentioned that cold pressing retains the original flavor of the ingredients by not meddling with their structure. Well, besides keeping the flavors, cold-pressed juice also retains most of the nutrients the plants have to offer. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes – you name it. Besides, you can even get your intake of soluble fibers and some proteins as well.

Is Cold Pressed Juice Good For You

To top this off, I encourage you to learn how to use the pulp, thus exploiting 100% of the ingredients. That is, of course, if you need the insoluble fibers from the fruits and veggies. But you are not obligated to eat the pulp. After all, it is separated from the juice during the cold pressing.

3. Waste-friendly

The fact that masticators use the whole plant, fruit, and/or root tells us that there is not a lot of waste to deal with. And that is the truth – all you have to do is: either use the pulp to cook, or throw it away. This type of waste is also composting-friendly, and it does no harm to the environment, because – it’s all about plants.

4. Juices Last Longer

If you were to compare centrifugal and a masticating juicer, you’d quickly see that each type has its own benefits. However, one thing is certain – cold press juices last up to three times longer. I mean, neither of these juices have an exact expiration date, but experience has shown that cold-pressed juice can last even up to three days if refrigerated properly.

While this is convenient for most, people who are into meal prep benefit from juice longevity the most. Longer-lasting juices give you the option to prepare them in advance.

5. Versatility

Lastly, one of the best benefits a masticator brings to the table is the ability to make a virtually endless number of combinations. Thanks to the efficiency of cold pressing, almost every plant is fair game to make some juice, including green veggies and leafy plants. It is all up to your imagination – so, let loose and make some tasty juice, (it even rhymes).

The Drawbacks of Cold Pressed Juice

There is no ideal juicer or juicing method out there, and everything comes with a price. Luckily, the downsides of cold-pressed juices are easily avoidable, mostly with – moderation.

1. Some fibers don’t get through

We did mention all sorts of nutrients that you can ingest through a cold-pressed juice. Any experienced nutrition enthusiast will tell you that, while they contain all sorts of good stuff, cold press juices do not have insoluble fibers inside. These fibers play a key role in making your stool firmer, thus making your bowel movements easier. That is why I keep repeating that PULP MATERS – these important fibers stay in it.

On the other hand, soluble fibers remain in the cold-pressed juice, so you get some benefits fiber-wise. But, can too much be bad?

2. Liquid Calorie Intake

A lot of people start drinking cold-pressed juices for health reasons, yes, but they do it for aesthetic reasons too – to lose fat and tighten up. While fresh juices can help you get there, they are not the solution to those few extra pounds you put on during the holidays.

As a matter of fact, too much juice can up the intake of sugars and other carbohydrates. We all know what that means. Remember, losing weight is all about calories in and calories out, there is no magic cure.

3. Vegetables First!

No, I don’t mean that you need to put vegetables in first while you are using the juicer. I wanted to mention the smaller nuisance that comes with masticators – they can squeeze the juice out of almost any plant equally, but the scales are tipped towards the veggies. And luckily so. Because the efficiency of cold pressing is higher than centrifugal juicers ca offer, using a lot of food can lead to a caloric surplus. Speaking of!

The Nutritional Side of Cold Pressed Juices

While cold press juices are basically nutritional bombs, it is more than important to get to know what to expect and how to utilize these juicers to fit your nutritional goals.

The Nutritional Side of Cold Pressed Juices

1. Weight Loss

A lot of weight loss programs include a training routine and a diet. These diets are often restricting, and reaching the macronutrient goals makes us forget about details. That is why a glass of cold-pressed juice a day can help you keep the micronutrient levels up, next to your regular meals, of course. But you should never rely on juices alone to help you lose weight – a glass of juice can only be helpful in combination with other healthy habits!

2. Phytonutrient Balance

Basically, a phytonutrient is a substance beneficial to human wellbeing that we extract from plants. You have surely heard of anti-oxidants, right? Everyone needs them, both paper-pushers and coal miners – anti-oxidants are just one type of phytonutrient we get from plants.

So, a glass of cold-pressed juice can get you on the right way to achieving the right nutrient balance in your body to grow and regenerate.

3. Cleansing and Detox

Detox and cleansing juices are ever so popular, but the story behind this is not as logical as one might think. The internet is full of trendy detox plans and cleansing methods that use cold-pressed juices as the main tool. While this sounds plausible thanks to all the nutrients we can get from juice – when it comes to detox, all you need is your liver to function properly. Everything else is just aiding the liver in detoxifying our body.

Truth be told, freshly cold-pressed juices can get you back on your feet faster by killing the hangover faster, but that is as far as detoxing goes. In short, juices can help you get there faster to some extent, but they are not necessary.

4. Should You drink cold-pressed juices during pregnancy?

Here comes the big question – Cold Pressed juices are full of healthy nutrients, they must be good during pregnancy, right? Well, once again the logic is sound, but the situation is a bit different.

Cold press juices, as the name suggests, do not utilize the power of heat to get rid of the nasty bacteria that come with plants – aka pasteurization. That is why pregnant women should avoid drinking freshly cold-pressed juices, or any type of juice that didn’t go through a bacteria-killing process.

Quick Tips on Cold Pressed Juices

In the end, I’d like to leave you with a few tips and tricks that can help you on your journey to a glass of refreshing cold-pressed juice.

1. Be careful about how much you drink

These juices are tasty and full of purely natural flavors. You might think that “more is better”, but the truth is that cold-pressed juices are calorie-packed. So, start with a glass a day, with three glasses as a maximum. Any nutritionist put there will tell you that liquid calories are the most dangerous because it is hard to actually notice how much you ingest.

Experiment a bit and work your way towards that perfect flavor.

Quick Tips on Cold Pressed Juices

2. The fruit-to-veggie ratio

Due to the fact that these juices are packed and strong, I’d like to suggest you use a 20/80 ratio when it comes to the fruit-to-veggie dilemma. Considering that almost everything gets used, by putting less fruit and more veggies, you lower the caloric density of the juice. Not only that – you also get to ingest more vegies, and get to drink more juice at the same caloric cost.

3. Use the Pulp!

Finally, we get to the part where I can tell you what to do with the pulp. Or at least give you the nudge in the right direction by letting you know that the pulp can be used in many ways. Remember, the pulp is where all the insoluble fibers ended up, so there is no reason to leave them to their rotting destiny. Here’s a list with a few quick ideas:

  • Use spices and make a dip
  • Add the pulp to the stuff you bake. Muffins, cookies, bread – it is all fair game
  • Add it to an omelet or a stew
  • Dry out and add to morning oatmeal mix

4. Can you freeze cold-pressed juice?

Yes, you absolutely can freeze cold press juices! Once frozen, cold-pressed juice can retain its nutritional value for up to 6 months. But – no re-freezing! This feature is great if you have enough storage space. However, the flavor is not going to be exactly fresh, so keep that in mind before you go all out to cold press a dozen gallons of juice.

Are Cold Pressed Juices Good for You – What’s the Verdict?

Cold-pressed juices are, without a doubt, good for your wellbeing. But, being that no magic, all-mighty potion exists, it is important to be aware that cold-pressed juices work only if you adapt your lifestyle as well. These juices alone should not be a replacement for a meal or a medicament. Instead, all the nutrients you can get from a glass of cold-pressed juice can help you remain healthy, and maintain a nice phytonutrient balance in your diet.

After all, the possibilities are endless, and the taste cannot be more genuine, considering the fact that you are drinking (almost) everything a plant can offer. Be moderate and enjoy the natural flavors!

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