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Vitamix Explorian 310 vs Hurom HP Featured

Vitamix VS Cold Press Juicer – An Unbiased Comparison

If you are looking for a magical machine that can turn veggies and fruits into flavourful beverages, do you know which one, blender or juicer, can take you there? Today, I am going to share my experience with these two diametrically opposite units – the Vitamix Explorian 310 and HUROM HP.

What are the main differences between a cold press juicer and a blender? Believe me, you don’t want to miss the pros and cons of each. Make the wrong choice of your juicing assistant and you’re in trouble. So, let’s get into the essence of juicing technology.

Blender or Cold Press Juicer?

It all depends on your preferences. If your time is money or you simply don’t want to bother with cutting up your ingredients, a blender could be a better pick. Super-fast and easy to clean, a blender like the Vitamix Explorian 310 can produce a decent amount of juice swiftly.

On the other hand, the Hurom HP requires slightly more effort and time to make high-quality juice that can’t compare to the juice you can make with a blender. Cold-press juicers feature unbeatable quality and the highest amount of nutrients in the juice. Here’s an in-depth comparison of these machines.

Vitamix Explorian 310 vs Hurom HP

Vitamix E310 Explorian

Vitamix Explorian 310

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.7
  • Motor Power: 1380 watt
  • Type: Blender
  • Noise Level: Loud on higher speeds
  • Speed Settings: 10+pulse
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Hurom HP

Hurom HP

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Motor Power: 150 watt
  • Type: Cold press juicer
  • Noise Level: Almost noiseless
  • Speed Settings: 1
  • Warranty: 10 years
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1. Motor Power

What are your fav types of foods? Are you a fan of vegetables, fruits, or both? Would you like to go beyond making juices and try out some other exciting food-making techniques? The Hurom HP is a cold-press juicer that features 150-watt of motor power. Although it is not overly powerful, it can handle most soft to tough ingredients, except ice, without jamming. If you are a fan of juices, milk, and sorbets, keep your eye on this fashionable juicer.

The Vitamix Explorian 310 boasts almost 10 times higher motor power (1,380-watt to be exact). That means you can make whatever crosses your mind with it, as it is powerful enough to crush tough ingredients like ice.

Yet, the key difference between cold press juicers and blenders that stands behind motor power is the heat motor generates while processing ingredients. The Hurom HP never develops too much power, which prevents it from heating up. The motor warms up a bit but this amount of heat is completely safe for your ingredients.

The Vitamix Explorian 310 comes with different speeds and generates heat that can destroy nutrients from your foodies at any speed beyond the second one. I didn’t mind waiting for a glass of juice slightly longer with Hurom HP, as this buddy truly packed 99% of vitamins and enzymes in my glass. With Vitamix, you have more food preparation options but you lose half of the nutrients in the process.

2. Speed

Vitamix VS Cold Press JuicerVitamix truly gives you a choice. Their blender has a built-in speed control. With 10 speed settings, you can experiment with various textures and a myriad of ingredients. Here’s a pro tick. If you are not in a hurry, set the blender at the lowest speed and feed it with your ingredients. This way, you will preserve the highest portion of the nutrients and enjoy a healthier version of the juice you typically make when you are at knifepoint.

With Hurom HP, you don’t really have a choice when it comes to speeds. It falls into the category of cold press juicers, also known as masticating or slow juicers. It operates at a slow pace and there’s no way to make it work faster.

If we convert the speed of each model into numbers, the Hurom HP operates at 43 rotations per minute while the Explorian 310 spins at 1,000 rotations per minute. I know, this is a huge contrast. However, there is no generating heat with cold press juicers. These machines squeeze out the content out of ingredients while blenders slice them up. Acting so aggressively makes the oxidization smoother and spoils the quality of your content.

Note that the Explorian 310 comes with pulse control, which is one of its strength, you can use whenever you are working with fibrous and hard ingredients. Press the button once or twice to break stoppages in the mechanism and re-establish the machine’s normal function. I never had a problem with blockages with my Hurom HP but I was careful about the type of food I fed it with. As I was never overly careful about this matter with the Explorian 310, it had experienced a few stoppages but the pulse control helped me eliminate them.

3. Container Capacity

What are your juicing needs? Do you typically make juice for yourself only or for the whole family? The Hurom HP comes with a 35 oz. container, which means it can accommodate 4 glasses of juice. With the 48 oz. container capacity of the Explorian 310, you can make 6 glasses straight away. I prefer larger containers for the reason you just never know who can drop by while both containers can come to the rescue in this case.

4. Noise Level

Imagine making your glass of juice on a Sunday morning (when you want to unwind from the busy world) in a very loud environment. This would probably be the last time you are about to use the machine. With the Explorian 310, you get a little bit of everything. It operates relatively quietly at lower speeds and extremely loud at the highest speed. Although it doesn’t last longer than a couple of seconds, this level of noise can truly disturb your peaceful morning. Stick to low to medium speeds whenever possible.

The Hurom HP always was music to my ears. It never produced noise that was unsafe for my hearing. Besides, it was a pleasure to make juices with it at any time of the day, 7 days a week. If you have kids or grumpy neighbors, this one could be it. Sometimes, even you won’t hear it squeeze out the juice, and neither will they.

5. Cleanup

With cold press juicers, cleanup can take a bit longer than with blenders. The Hurom HP comes with 4 detachable parts, and somehow, ingredients tend to get stuck around the places where these parts meet. I have never had major issues with clogging with this slow juicer but it took me a while to remove build-up from these points. Overall, cleanup won’t take you more than 10 minutes once you acquire some skill but it may take 15 to 20 minutes in the beginning.

The Vitamix Eploxiran 310 is far less complicated that the Hurom HP. It takes 5 minutes maximum, and 3 in the best case, to tackle it after use. This appliance can save up your time on multiple aspects, especially when it comes to the most annoying part – the cleaning part. Just add a drop of dish soap and some warm water, run the mechanism, and it will clean itself! Dry the inside with a soft cloth, make sure everything is in place, and store it until the next use.

6. Safety Features

If you are over 18, there is very little to no chance you would hurt yourself while making juice. Still, manufacturers should keep in mind the safety of their users either way, and Hurom certainly did. Their juicer comes with duplicated safety sensors that make it impossible to start the mechanism if the chamber is not 100% attached to the base.

Unfortunately, Vitamix didn’t integrate any safety feature to their blender. Despite the fact it is so easy to use and clean, I think it would be nice if it had a safety lock. I never hurt myself when making food with it but I was careful as well.

7. Design

DesignA dull, poorly designed machine won’t make you thrilled about making fresh homemade juice, sorbet, sauce, or ice cream. Yet, a sleek, colorful, and contemporary unit can inspire you. If I compare the design of the Vitamix Explorian 310 and the Hurom HP, the latter one is a clear winner here. This amazing juicer is available in 3 vivid colors – white, mint, and pink. I’ve seen hundreds of juicers and this model simply stands from the crowd. Its unique design and color options make it one of the hottest buys on the market for visual cravers.

The Explorian 310 comes in 3 colors as well – silver, black, and red. Albeit it looks a bit cheaper by design than its counterpart, it still features top-notch performance. It certainly isn’t overly attractive or fashionable but I still appreciate Vitamix for their color options so you can choose the one that fits into your kitchen’s interior best.

8. Size and Weight

Counter space seems to be one of the most important factors that determine the choice of a juicing/blending machine. No matter how much you like a certain appliance, it wouldn’t be a smart move to get one that takes up too much space on the counter.

The Explorian 310 is a bulky appliance so keep this in mind if you are low on the space in the kitchen. I am not saying it is huge but it is larger than the Hurom HP. However, when I compare it to some other juicers and blenders on the market, it is significantly smaller. One more good thing is that is has a vertical design so the only part that takes up space is the base. Also, it weighs 11.8 lbs, which is fairly surprising for a blender. Blenders are typically heavy but this one seems to be an exception to the rule.

The Hurom HP is not much smaller than the Explorian 310 but it doesn’t have an as wide base as its counterpart. Its vertical design makes it easy to store on the countertop or in the cabinet. It weighs 20.8 lbs. This is very atypical for a juicer but if you have no plans about moving it around or traveling with it, this won’t make a big deal.

9. Durability

No matter how eye-catching an appliance is, it all falls to the second plan once you start it. Luckily, the Hurom HP can provide much more than it meets the eye. It comes with a strong auger and heavy-duty Ultem strainer that makes it very durable. I’ve been using this juicer for 2 years almost daily, and it still runs perfectly, with no signs of wear.

The Vitamix Explorian 310 is made out of hard plastic and comes with super-durable aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. I would never question the durability of Vitamix and their machines and this blender is no exception to the rule. It can stand literally years of heavy daily use.

10. Warranty

The Vitamix Explorian 310 is backed up with a 5-year warranty and the Hurom HP comes with a 2-year warranty that covers parts and a 10-year warranty on a motor. I already spoke about the durability of each model, and they both are very durable but I simply feel more confident about longer warranties. With the Hurom HP, you can have your peace of mind for the next decade. Impressive! The Explorian 310 can stand heavy use for longer than 5 years but there is no official guarantee of that.

11. Price

PriceThe difference in price between these two appliances is almost insignificant. The Hurom HP is priced slightly lower but that’s typical for juicers. Most blenders on the market, including the Explorian 310, come at a higher price for their more comprehensive performance. If you ask me, the price of each verifies their quality and I would invest the same amount in each if I would be buying them again. Just in case you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, take a look at my guide on the best priced juicers.


Blender or juicer, the Vitamix Explorian 310 or HUROM HP, have you sorted this dilemma by now? I know choosing the right machine may seem overwhelming but hearing a first-hand experience can help a lot. In my opinion, the Vitamix Explorian 310 might be a good choice if you already have some juicing experience and would like to take it to another level. The Hurom HP can cover the needs of a beginner to a pro-customer, as long as you stay away from the ice.

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